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Organic Clothing Directory can help you easily find organic apparel and fashion for the entire family in one convenient location. Gone are the days of endlessly searching on line for just the right organic garment or item. Organic Clothing Directory is a subsidiary of CATA Consumers Against Toxic Apparel.  CATA is creating awareness, educating and inspiring consumers to want to know about the toxic chemicals being manufactured in today's fashion.

This directory offers the solution to cheap and disposable fashion.  consumers now have more choices than they realize to purchase clean, safe, organic clothing that's not only fashionable, stylish, high quality but affordable too.

Everything from organic underwear to professional attire, sustainable jewelry and organic bedding can be found within our directory.  See more.
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Please Note Disclaimer

Many participating companies offer GOTS certified organic cotton clothing but others may only offer clothing made using certified organic cotton fiber and/or natural cleaner fabrics such as hemp, linen, wool, vegan/raw/peace silk, etc. Some companies offer their complete line in certified organic fibers, however please be advised that some companies may offer items that are recycled, sustainable, or naturally cleaner than conventional clothing, blended with other fibers and created with new technology. The number of items within this category is very small and in random pieces such as jewelry, wraps, shoes, accessories, some clothing, etc. Choosing to purchase one of these items is strictly a personal decision. Know the fiber content before you buy. "CATA" Consumers Against Toxic Apparel, LLC cannot be held responsible for any misrepresentation of these items due to disclosure. All liability is the sole responsibility of each company. If you have questions please contact the company directly to ensure your understanding of the content and intent behind the item in question before you purchase.